The school follows the guidelines and the vision of the Ministry of Education UAE and the guidelines on curriculum as per the vision of the National Curriculum Framework [NCF] 2005.


The Kindergarten caters to the needs and demands of early childhood learning. Knowing that this is a critical stage in the physical, intellectual and emotional development of the child, our learning interfaces and methodologies are child friendly and fun. The entire Kindergarten areas and classes are designed keeping in mind the needs of this age group. Our teachers are especially sensitized in early developmental stages of children so that they are sensitive to the needs of children. In classes and outside children learn many of the verbal, motor and social skills that will equip them in life. The curriculum allows the space for the child to develop and encourage children’s initiatives. Subject like numeracy, language skills and social skills are taught in an organic and applied manner that allows the child to better grasp concepts and the relation between concepts and the real world.

Subjects Taught

Scholastic: English, Numeracy and EVS/ General Awareness

Co Scholastic: Art, Music, Fine and Gross Motor Skills


Primary Grade I-V

The curriculum become more formal at this stage with the introduction of core subjects like, English, Math, Environmental Science, a second language, computer as an additional subject. I addition to this the students get to engage with the co scholastics areas offered by the schools. The three Ministry mandated subject of Arabic, UAE SST and Islamic for Muslim students and Moral Science for Non-Muslim students are also introduced by Grade 1. Since the schools has a special focus on information technology and computers, students as early as grade 1 get to engage with not only computers as an additional subject but also with the Cyber Square programme where student get top learn basic programming skills.


The curriculum steps prepare the students to achieve grasp of concepts especially in discipline like Math and science and perfect skills in the languages, through a graded scheme of learning outcomes.

Subjects Taught

Scholastic: Core Subjects, English, Math, EVS, Second Language

Additional Subject: Computer

Ministry Subjects: Arabic, Islamic Studies, UAE Social Studies

Co Scholastic: General Knowledge, Cyber [computer programming], Farming, Art, Games, Physical Education


Middle school Grade VI-VIII

From Class VI to class VIII the curriculum becomes yet more formal and differentiated. Subjects take on a greater level of specialization with subject like science being taught as Biology, Physics and Chemistry and Social Science taught instead of EVS, with focus on subject area of Geography, History and Political life.


The curriculum steps prepare the students to achieve mastery of the core subjects so that they are well prepared and oriented towards the manner of learning they will have to attempt in the secondary grades.


In addition to this, the students get to engage with the diverse co scholastics areas offered by the schools.

Subjects Taught

Scholastic: Core Subjects- English, Math, Science, Social Science, Second Language


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