ANNUAL SPORTS DAY 2018-2019 FOR Grade 1-8


ANNUAL SPORTS DAY 2018-2019 FOR Grade 1-8

  Venue Habitat School, Al Tallah
  Date 11 December 2018
  Time 08.00 AM - 11.00 AM

Annual Sports Day, a much awaited event was held on 11th December 2018 with great zeal, excitement and in frolicsome atmosphere.

Sports provide not only the physical activity but also helps in child’s self-esteem, confidence, social skills and motivation to excel in life.

The Principal welcomed everyone and the students entered into the spirit of the occasion with the oath being administered by the Sports captain Hanfa Nizar Ahamed, followed by lighting of the flame. A spectacular, impressive, and a well synchronized March Past was presented by Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby houses. An energizing equestrian display set the tone for the rest of the events. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the participants.

Students of Grades 1 to 8 participated in various events including running race, relays, Balloon Balancing walk, Getting Ready to school, Ball in the basket, Shuttle Run with Dumbbell, Skipping Race and Zig Zag running with Hurdles.

The overall champion trophy was awarded to the Sapphire house whereas Topaz House and Emerald House bagged the second and third place respectively.

The individual trophy was bagged by following students:

Kids: Qais bin Waleed (Boys ) and Naina Nawfal (Girls )

Sub juniors: Abdul Wadood (Boys) and Eshal Edakkattuthara (Girls)

Juniors: Imran Ali and Nawal Mohammad

Sub seniors: Hanfa Nizar and Samira Fazli

At the end of the day, students departed with a clear smile on their faces with their medals and certificates.

It was a beautiful day buzzing with fun filled activities where students learnt the lessons of team spirit and sportsmanship.

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